Over half a century of experience

Paul Brooks and Graham Osborne have – jointly – put in well over 50 years in the catering industry. They both started out in the business as youngsters and have developed an impressive range of skills that have brought them together.

“We like to think we have experience and flexibility,” observes Paul, Executive Chief Steward, who has years of experience delivering first class service in the most challenging circumstances – as Chief Steward in the ‘posh’ division of British rail travel (InterCity Charter Train Unit).

Co-director and Executive Chief Chef, Graham Osborne, started in the Merchant Navy and with P&O and moved to railways – so he’s used to the ground moving beneath his feet whilst he creates mouth watering meals to tempt the palates of the most discerning diners. He knows how to please the demanding tastes of travellers, who often see the meals as the high points of their travelling experience!

“Both of us have worked on private functions for the rich and famous – Royalty, the Rothschilds and Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber included – it’s just that Paul is out front delivering the food, whilst I’m slaving away over a hot stove!” Graham says with a smile.

Graham has created menus to die for – and, of course, the team are always happy to discuss specific requirements and create something special for your occasion.

The team are all experienced – having cut their teeth catering on ships and trains. They’re experts at creating delicious and freshly cooked food from a tiny kitchen, whilst travelling at high speed and delivering top class service with a smile even in the most challenging of situations. Working on terra firma is a piece of cake!

With Graham in the kitchen and Paul in charge of the service you can be sure you’ll get exactly what Paul says – experience and flexibility! Find out more by getting in touch today.

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