The experience of a lifetime

Whether you have a big budget and many guests or fewer pounds to spare and a small group, you can book the trip that will become a treasured memory forever.

An exclusive event

If you really want to impress, you can hire a whole train for up to 336 people and take them anywhere there’s a train track! You can stop wherever you wish, stay overnight or for a weekend somewhere beautiful or exciting! This is a totally bespoke service designed with you and your guests in mind.

Booking smaller groups

If you have a smaller budget and fewer guests you can hire a carriage on an existing train tour or simply just book the number of seats you want and we’ll arrange to collect you and your guests and take you to meet your train (and, of course, bring you back later).

CRD work with UK Railtours and Nenta Train Tours where you can reserve your carriage, then simply talk to us about your coach collection and any special requirements.

Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion, want an exclusive train for a special event, or have an unforgettable day trip in mind – just get in touch and you’ll get the event that will stay in people’s memories forever.

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